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Contemporaries that aren’t very contemporary

I’m having a nasty, weather induced headache, not to mention that I’m pretty pissed off at having to drive eighteen kilometers (one way) this afternoon to a meeting that didn’t take place. So here is Laura Miller about how many … Continue reading

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Three Times Hallelujah and Your Mama

Today, I chanced to hear the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen three times in a single day. Which is quite unusual, because even though there are umpteen thousand cover versions, it isn’t played all that often. The first time was … Continue reading

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Links, mainly tech related

Estara has been kind enough to create a Livejournal feed for this blog. So if anybody else needs one, here it is. John Scalzi has a rant about Facebook and why he doesn’t like it. He gets quite a bit … Continue reading

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Two neat links

If the long statistics post below is too much for you, have two quick links: Janice Hardy has a good post about setting the tone for a story. At Damien Walter’s blog, Jim Worrad explores the Stapledon Woolf space in … Continue reading

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Don’t write off vampires just yet!

There has been some gleeful reaction to this USA Today article, which states that sales of vampire fiction have dropped compared to 2009. Never mind that the article is actually summing up a whole lot of trends, that Stieg Larsson … Continue reading

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Hollywood Fatigue, the Perils of Love Triangles and Corridorpunk

So the Golden Globes were awarded yesterday and once again I find I really don’t care about any of the films that won. I actually do agree with many of the acting awards, because I like Colin Firth (though not … Continue reading

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Can anyone tell me why WordPress dumps my own comments (not pingbacks, but proper comments) into the spam folder? I’m obviously not going to spam my own blog. Send to Kindle

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Short shorts, flash and inspiration

Last night, I wrote an 860 word short story tentatively entitled To Whom It May Concern. I’m pretty with happy with the result. Over the next few days, it’ll get a few tweaks and edits and then goes out on … Continue reading

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Two Writing Links

Again no time for a longer post, so have two writing links instead: Terri Windling has a great post on inspiration and influences. Lilith Saintcrow explains why you sometimes have to kick the shit out of your characters. Send to … Continue reading

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Birthday Bestsellers

This is cool: The New York Times bestseller list, fiction and non-fiction for my birthday week. On the fiction list, there are only entries where I’ve never heard of either book or writer, Semi-Tough by Dan Jenkins at No. 7 … Continue reading

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