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Snowy Day Linkdump

We had more snow last night and this time around, the snow even stayed, because the temperatures hovered around zero all day long. And because the weather was so conductive to the holiday spirit, I baked cookies today. I made … Continue reading

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Guy Fawkes Day Linkdump

Well, it was either that or US election day linkdump. And since everybody and his dog is already talking about the US election, I thought that Guy deserves some of the spotlight, especially now that he has morphed into an … Continue reading

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George R.R. Martin interviewed on German TV – and a bit about Fifty Shades of Grey and its influence on the romance genre

This made my day yesterday. German literary critic Dennis Scheck interviews George R.R. Martin. Watch out for Martin talking about readers complaining about sex scenes, but not about graphic violence. Dennis Scheck also points out that A Song of Ice … Continue reading

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Cora goes to Osnabrück and discovers a new genre name

I’ve been absent for three days now, because it’s been a busy week. Besides, I took the day off on Wednesday to take the train to Osnabrück, a city approximately 120 kilometers to the southwest of Bremen. I really like … Continue reading

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Death threats for reviewers, sexed-up classics, judging books by their covers and a dead German singer

We’ve all heard about the Stop the Goodreads Bullies uproar by now (I’m not dignifying that site with a link – google it if you must). And now a film critic has received death threats – for daring to give … Continue reading

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Appliance Trouble Linkdump

I haven’t been blogging for the past few days, because I had some appliance trouble at home that limited by internet time. This will take a few more days to resolve, so blogging should be light over the next week … Continue reading

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More Lara Croft, more Fifty Shades and some book covers

First of all, there’s more on the whole “Hey, let’s rape Lara Croft” affair from the Guardian, the New Statesman, Care2 and Destructoid. I have no idea what that still from The Ewok Adventure has to do with anything, though. … Continue reading

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The New Yorker and some links for the Euro 2012 kick-off

So I finally managed to purchase the science fiction issue of The New Yorker at the airport bookstore, which is the only place in town that carries the magazine. Had to pay twice the US cover price, too – wince. … Continue reading

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Beyond the Greek Alphabet – Romance and Non-Stereotypical Gender Roles

So Fifty Shades of Grey has sold ten million copies (both in e-book and print) in six weeks. And since the article is already approximately a week old, it has probably sold another million or two since then. What is … Continue reading

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Lover Misshelved

Yesterday, I went to Bremen with my Mom to buy some of those things you can only get in the city centre. It was still unpleasantly hot and I hate going out when it’s hot, but unfortunately I no longer … Continue reading

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