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Return of the Girl Cooties

To be exact, they never really went away, because the multiple discussions about sexism and racism in SFF and what to do about it are still going on, which deserves another link round-up. Mostly, this one involves posts of note … Continue reading

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Early March Linkdump

Aeon Magazine has a very good article by Damien Walter about the importance of creating a culture of creativity. Considering how you have to fight as a teacher to be allowed to bring a bit of creativity into your classes … Continue reading

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New Year’s Night 2012/2013

The new year started here in Western and central Europe a couple of hours ago. I no longer do the party thing or the standing around on the market square watching fireworks thing (been there, done that), so I celebrated … Continue reading

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At last, Barnes & Noble… and some other links

The biggest news of the day (well, for me at any rate) is that my e-books are now finally available at Barnes & Noble. You can find the full list here – individual links will also be added to the … Continue reading

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The German Book Award or Let’s all praise middle class mediocrity

The 2012 German Book Award has been awarded to Ursula Krechel for her novel Landgericht (District Court) and it turns out that I am psychic. Yes, it’s true. I predicted last month that Ms. Krechel would win the award. But … Continue reading

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The 2012 Hugo Awards and remembering Dr. Sommer

Over at the Pegasus Pulp blog, I have a round-up of links about the current uproar about fake and paid for reviews. L.G. Gale has a good post about what SFF writers can learn from the romance genre. Found via … Continue reading

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School is Out Linkdump

Today was the last day of school in Lower Saxony where I teach, which means six weeks (sort of) without school. And it’s about time, since we hit a late slot with our summer holidays this year, which meant that … Continue reading

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Cora attends a reading and tuckerizes a student

I occasionally write at school, in the teacher break room during free hours and sometimes also in class, while the students are completing an assignment of their own, before the lesson starts or during the five minute break between double … Continue reading

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Accidental mispronunciations and very rude words in the schoolyard

It’s still awfully and unseasonably hot here in North Germany, though it’s supposed to cool off tomorrow. Honestly, if they are going to have more and more schools that operate well into the afternoon, they should really revise the “hitzefrei” … Continue reading

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Is Batman gay, Superman’s penis and some links

Yes, the post title is search engine bait. Meanwhile, the unseasonably hot weather has made me slow and sluggish and teaching an afternoon class of fifth graders that are tiring under the best of circumstances doesn’t really help. I did … Continue reading

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