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The Problem about “The Bells” and Game of Thrones That No One Talks About

A lot of people are angry about “The Bells”, the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, mostly with regard to the development of the character of Daenerys Targaryen. Warning: Spoilers behind the cut!

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There will be no golden age…

So Britain (well, Wales and England minus London) voted to leave the European Union today. I’m pretty pissed off about this, because I rather like Britain, have lived in London for a while and also like to visit on occasion. … Continue reading

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The 2015 Nebula Awards, the Bram Stoker Awards, the Eurovision Song Contest… and a bit about football

So the Eurovision Song Contest was last night. I was watching something else and occasionally switched over, only to decide that I really could not bring myself to care. I finally tuned for the voting only to realise that a) … Continue reading

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We won the Nobel Peace Prize

This morning, I was quite stunned to hear on the radio that I had won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. Because in the extremely unlikely event that I should ever win a Nobel Prize, I would have bet on literature … Continue reading

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