Look What the Mailman Brought Me

And yes, our current mail person is a man.

Anyway on Thursday, the mailman brought me a padded envelope, which contained the following:

2022 Hugo Certificate and PinIt’s my 2022 Hugo finalist certificate, Hugo pin, badge ribbon as well as the invitations for the Hugo reception and after-party, neither of which I got to attend for the obvious reason of not being on site in Chicago.

The pin will go to live with its brethren on my jacket and occasionally move to a t-shirt during the summer.

The mailman also brought me another parcel, which contained the following:

Masters of the Universe Origins Teela and Zoar two-pack
Teela and Zoar cardback

Yup, it’s the Masters of the Universe Origins Teela and Zoar two-pack. The Teela figure has a different headsculpt and hair-do from the regular Masters of the Universe Origins Teela as well as a sword. Zoar the Falcon was available in the vintage line, but has never been made in Origins so far, even though she is an important character.

As Masters of the Universe fans will know, Zoar the Falcon is the animal form of the Sorceress, in which she appears outside Castle Grayskull, since she cannot leave the Castle in human form. Of course, the Sorceress is also the biological mother of Teela (more about that here), so Teela and Zoar really do have a special connection.

Here is what they look like out of the box. So let’s see what happens when Teela tries to bond with her estranged mother.

Teela and Zoar the Falcon have tea.“Hello, Zoar. Are you really my mother?”


“Damn, this is weird. Do you talk at all?”


“No? Do you want tea? Yes, I know the tea set is ugly, but Dad is really attached to it. Which you already know, I guess.”


“So I guess that means ‘yes’? So what kind of tea would you like? Black, green, Earl Grey, Oolong, Mystic Mountain brew?”


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