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Fredric Wertham – not so innocent, but actually a fraud

Research fraud, it’s not just for German politicians anymore. A new study reveals that Dr. Fredric Wertham, the man responsible for the creation of the Comics Code Authority and reviled among comic fans with a fervour usually only reserved for … Continue reading

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Rose Monday Linkdump

Rose Monday is the main event in German carnival. Not that it affects me much, since I don’t live in a carnival region and secondary schools don’t have official carnival celebrations. Meanwhile, my cold is improving somewhat, but I’m still … Continue reading

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New Developments on Old Stories

Just a short post today, because I seem to have caught a cold and am not feeling all that well. I suspect I caught it at the motorbike show I visited this weekend. Though at least I also found and … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Linkdump

Yes, I know it was yesterday, but I’m certainly not going to call it Superbowl linkdump. The New York Times has a great article about Gérard de Villiers, a French writer of pulpy spy novels, which happen to be oddly … Continue reading

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Twilight, Religion and Misogyny

At The Hooded Utilitarian, there is a fascinating essay by Mette Ivie Harrison, herself a Mormon writer of YA fantasy, about how Twilight relates to Mormon beliefs. Found via Sherwood Smith, where she also shares some observations made during a … Continue reading

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