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Cora hits a bestseller list, gets a one-star review and rubs shoulders with Booker Prize nominees

I did a bit of housekeeping around this site and the Pegasus Pulp site. In particular, I added links to my e-books from the bibliography page, since I noticed that a lot of new visitors head for the bibliography rather … Continue reading

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More on ABC Buhlert

I did some more work on the ABC Buhlert website. I have everything I wanted on that site online now, only the alternative energy image gallery is missing, largely because I still have to locate or take the respective photos. … Continue reading

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The Buhlert Web Empire

I’ve spent the past two and a half hours bringing the old ABC Buhlert website back online. I originally registered www.abc-buhlert.com as a joint business website for my Dad’s consulting business and my own translation business. However, the site was … Continue reading

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Links, mainly tech related

Estara has been kind enough to create a Livejournal feed for this blog. So if anybody else needs one, here it is. John Scalzi has a rant about Facebook and why he doesn’t like it. He gets quite a bit … Continue reading

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Can anyone tell me why WordPress dumps my own comments (not pingbacks, but proper comments) into the spam folder? I’m obviously not going to spam my own blog. Send to Kindle

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Tech Stuff

I am generally happy with my comment spam catcher, but can anyone tell me why the spam catcher always automatically dumps pingbacks and trackbacks, including pingbacks to my own posts, into the spam folder? I’m obviously not spamming my own … Continue reading

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Quick Post and a Link

I’m still not feeling well and spending three hours grocery shopping in crowded supermarkets yesterday afternoon didn’t help either. So in lieu of a proper post, here’s an interview with Patricia Briggs. Housekeeping: I’ve IP-banned a really annoying and persistent … Continue reading

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Brenda Starr, Stieg Larsson and some Housekeeping

Today, I took down the Christmas tree and the rest of the holiday decorations. Epiphany Day, i.e. January 6th, is the traditional deadline for getting rid of holiday decorations in my area (though in some regions, e.g. in part of … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Update and some Links

Yesterday was Boxing Day, or the second day of Christmas as we call it in these parts*, so Christmas 2010 is officially over. Of course, inofficially the Christmas season lasts up to New Year and even to Epiphany Day, i.e. … Continue reading

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Brief Housekeeping Post

I’m still playing about with the look and features of the blog. I added a new haiku to the haiku zone and a new header image. This one is a detail of the Victorian fayence oven in the so-called fireplace … Continue reading

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