Photos: Magical Hoarfrost

Our current cold spell is still continuing with temperatures as low as minus nine degrees Celsius last night.

My students, who hail from Syria, Iran and Eritrea, are not used to such weather at all and a lot of them were notably unwell today. “Is winter in Germany always like this?”, one of them asked me. “Not always, but sometimes”, I said.

However, the winter also has its pretty sides. And today it showed one of them, for I woke up this morning to find all trees and bushes in the neighbourhood covered in hoarfrost. And since that sight is quite rare, I also took some photos:

Tree with hoarfrost

A hoarfrost covered tree

Hoarfrost branches

Looking up at the hoarfrost covered branches of a birch tree.

Hoarfrost bush

The hoarfrost covered branches of a bush in the neighbours’ garden.

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