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Bremerhaven Photos, Part II: Ships

Somewhat delayed by the recent WorldCon, Hugo and “what is SF” discussions, here is the second part of my post featuring photos taken during a recent trip to Bremerhaven. Part I with some information about the city in general is … Continue reading

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New Post-Apocalyptic Novelette: The Hybrids

As I’ve hinted at before, I have a story to announce. It’s another foray into science fiction, the genre that still owns my heart. However, instead of the next Shattered Empire story (coming later in 2013), this novelette tackles a … Continue reading

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Yet more responses to Paul Cook

We’re still talking about Paul Cook’s ill thought out post about what does and does not constitute SF, so here are the latest responses: At Teleread, Chris Meadows cames to the conclusion that Paul Cook was deliberately trolling for outraged … Continue reading

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The Pegasus Pulp Catalogue

Among all the other stuff, I almost forgot to mention that Pegasus Pulp now has a catalogue. And unlike most other publisher catalogues, the Pegasus Pulp will be continuously updated, as new titles become available (because I can). Sharp eyes … Continue reading

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Hugos and Worldcon Redux

While some of us are debating about Paul Cook’s rather clueless attempt to define what is and isn’t SF (read the previous two posts for more), the discussion about the Hugos and the future of WorldCon is still happily chugging … Continue reading

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More Responses to Paul Cook

The uproar sparked by Paul Cook’s badly argued post at Amazing Stories is happily chugging along, so here are the latest reactions. First of all, Steve Davidson, editor of Amazing Stories, has issued an apology of sorts for shutting down … Continue reading

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“Get your girly stuff out of my SF, for SF should be sciency, manly and hard”

At Amazing Stories, Paul Cook rants about SF which is – at least in Paul Cook’s opinion – not SF. This includes such luminaries of the genre as Gene Wolfe (just Arthurian fantasy), Lois McMaster Bujold (romance – ick), Sharon … Continue reading

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2013 Hugo and Campbell Awards: Get out the popcorn!

The winners of the 2013 Hugo and Campbell Awards have been announced. You may recall that this year’s nominations proved to be unexpectedly controversial, when a bunch of people did not agree with the nominated works and creators at all. … Continue reading

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Photos: Bremerhaven, Part 1: City Views

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now, but somehow I never got around to it. Alas, better late than never. In the first week of the summer holidays, I took a day trip to Bremerhaven with my … Continue reading

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