New Story Available: The Death of the American Dream

I have a new release to announce. It’s called The Death of the American Dream and it’s basically Mad Men meets the apocalypse, complete with giant mutant crabs and other monsters.

This is another story that was inspired by a piece of SFF artwork, in this case a painting called “Fatigue” by artist John Brosio. Brosio also has another painting called “Fatigue”, which came up during an image search and promptly influenced the story as well. In general, I like using images – often SFF art – for inspiration and have a whole folder full of intriguing images for that purpose. Occasionally, when I’m blocked and looking for inspiration I go through that folder, pick an image and start writing about it.

And since I was watching the final season of Mad Men, while I was writing The Death of the American Dream, the show combined itself with the nascent story.

You can find the result below. I hope you like it.

The Death of the American Dream
The Death of the American Dream by Cora BuhlertThey came out of nowhere to attack America’s towns and suburbs: Giant mutant crabs and other creatures, grown to enormous size due to nuclear radiation and bent on destroying the American way of life. But while many fall to the monster attacks, an advertising executive finds the unexpected strength to survive and fight back for the sake of his family…

This is a short story of 5300 words or approximately 20 print pages.



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Length: 5300 words
List price: 0.99 USD, EUR or GBP
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