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New German spy story available – Neue Spionagegeschichte auf Deutsch erhältlich: Auf der anderen Seite des Vorhangs

I have a new release in German, namely the German language version of The Other Side of the Curtain. I initially planned to announce the new release on November 9 to tie in with the 25th anniversary of the fall … Continue reading

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Some good discussions about romance and erotica and a bit of politics

At Tor.com, Jo Walton discusses her conflicted relationship with the romance genre and Georgette Heyer. It’s a good post and even the discussion in comments is surprisingly good, given the population of regular commenters at Tor.com, and goes into how … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Presidents

Yes, there’s some ranting about German politics behind the cut, so just skip if you don’t care:

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Gauck Linkdump of the Day

There’s more on the upcoming German presidential elections behind the cut, including what Joachim Gauck thinks about the internet (hint: he doesn’t like it), a link to an interview with Gauck challenger Beate Klarsfeld and the candidates evaluated from a … Continue reading

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One interview, two celebrity deaths, two cool links and Gauck

Today I am interviewed by fantasy and YA writer Emily Ann Ward at her blog. Come on over and say hello. All the interviews I’ve done so far can be accessed from the interview page, by the way. What is … Continue reading

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Political Linkdump of the Day

I don’t really want to talk about politics anymore, but unfortunately it’s still important to blog about the criticism of Joachim Gauck, because the mainstream media is totally failing in even addressing the criticism at all. So there’s more presidential … Continue reading

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The Daily Political Post

Yesterday was the memorial ceremony for the ten victims of the Neo-Nazi terror group NSU complete with a national minute of silence at 12 o’clock. Our school participated in the minute of silence and it went reasonably well, though minutes … Continue reading

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Your Daily Dose of Gauck

Political discussion and links behind the cut:

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Gauck Links of the Day

Yes, there are more Gauck links and commentary behind the cut. Just skip if it doesn’t interest you:

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A Presidential Linkdump

Below the cut, there are plenty of links about the German presidential candidate Joachim Gauck, Mostly critical voices, because frankly, if you want pro-Gauck opinions, any mainstream news outlet will provide those.

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