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Before we return to our regularly scheduled Foundation reviews, I have a few things to announce.

For starters, I was over at Galactic Journey yesterday, talking about the heyday of science fiction dime novels and the first stirrings of the horror dime novel boom in West Germany in 1968.

I also have a couple of new and not so new stories out:

One story that’s brand new is “Rest My Weary Bones”, a dark fantasy tale told from the POV of a skeleton warrior forced to serve in the undead army of an evil necromancer, which appeared in the July 2023 issue of Swords and Sorcery Magazine.

For something a little more wholesome (even though it does start on a blood-soaked battlefield), my flash story “A Cry on the Battlefield” has been reprinted in the anthology The Little Cozy Book, edited by Nathaniel Webb of Wyngraf Magazine.

The Little Cozy BookThe anthology also includes cozy fantasy fiction by Gideon Marcus, L. Chan, Amanda Cook, Ian Martinez Cassmeyer, L.D. Whitney, George Jacobs, J. Thomas Howard, Jonathan Olfert, Frederick Sheilira, Neil Willcox, Jo Miles, Sam Lesek, Jenna Hanchey, Miranda Ray, Coby Anthony Rosser, Sheila Massie, Jess Hyslop, Stew Shearer, Ziggy Schutz, Simon Kevin, Jennifer Hudak,Dawn Vogel, Jamey Toner, Gregory Kilcoyne, Nathaniel Webb and Patricia Miller.

You can buy The Little Cozy Book here. There’s also a lovely review by German writer, translator and fan Maike Claußnitzer here.

Finally, here are some cozy photos of my personal copy of the anthology, because books and toys are a great match:

Three friendly Matryoshka dolls cluster around The Little Cozy Book

These friendly Matryoshka dolls are big fans of The Little Cozy Book.

The Little Cozy Book with hedgehog and badger

Cuddly woodland animals sniff out The Little Cozy Book.

Stuffed pig with The Little Cozy Book

This little piggy reads “The Little Cozy Book”

Duncan and Evil-Lyn with The Little Cozy Book

Duncan and Evil-Lyn are about to get cozy.

Finally, I also have a story out in the anthology Simultaneous Times Volume 3, edited by Jean-Paul Garnier and presented by Space Cowboy Books. My story is called “We need to talk…” and deals with the relationship problems faced by bug-eyed monsters and the human women they tend to embrace on the covers of old science fiction pulps.

Simultaneous Times Volume 3

The anthology also includes stories by Jonathan Nevair, F.J. Bergmann, Brent A. Harris, Gideon Marcus, A.C. Wise, Tara Campbell, David Brin, Robin Rose Graves, Renan Bernardo, Christopher Ruocchio, Toshiya Kamei, Todd Sullivan, Susan Rukeyser, Ai Jiang and Michael Butterworth, so check it out.

You can buy your copy here. There’s also a book trailer on YouTube.

Finally, because it’s fun, here is Skeletor posing with my contributor copies:

Skeletor poses with contributor copies of Simultaneous Times Volume 3.

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