New Story “Little Monsters” Available at the Simultaneous Times Podcast

Simultaneous Times episode 39

I will get back to regular blogging eventually, but for now I have another new release announcement to make. Because episode 39 of the Simultaneous Times podcast includes my story “Little Monsters” as well as “Hidden Underneath” by Toshiya Kamei.

Simultaneous Times is a fiction podcast produced by my friends of Space Cowboy Books, a science fiction bookstore in Joshua Tree, California. Space Cowboy Books recently reopened for in-person business after more than a year of pandemic enforced closure. So if you’re in the area, pay them a visit and pick up some books.

“Little Monsters” is another story that originated during the July Short Story Challenge. The story was inspired by Oculus and Ophthalmos, the friendly crochet eyeball monsters I made last year.

Oculus and Ophthalmos

Oculus and Ophthalmos, the friendly eyeball monsters, brighten up my bookshelves and pose with several Hugo winning works.

“Little Monsters” is only the second story of mine that ever made it into audio (the first was “Patient X-5”, which Simultaneous Times produced last year). The story is narrated by Jean-Paul Garnier with wonderfully atmospheric music by RedBlueBlackSilver. I always love hearing audio productions of my stories, because even though I know the story – I wrote it, after all – the interpretation always brings completely new aspects to the tale.

Anyway, give it a listen and also make sure to listen to Toshiya Kamei’s excellent story “Hidden Underneath” as well. You can listen on podomatic or right here:

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