Photos: Toadstools

The meadow across from my house is currently home to a colony of toadstools of the species Amanita muscaria or fly agaric. They’re very pretty, very toxic and a traditional good luck symbol.

According to Norse legend, fly agaric mushrooms grow either where Odin’s horse Sleipnir has left spittle on the ground or where some of Odin’t entourage have fallen from their horses. So I guess a whole company of Asgardians landed on my meadow while I wasn’t looking. If they looked like their counterparts in the Marvel movies, I wouldn’t even mind.

Fly agaric

A whole colony of toadstools has sprung upon both sides of the fence. Seeing so many in one place is rare.

Fly agaric

Three toadstools, one of which is already a bit battered.

Fly agaric

Take a look at this beautifully patterned toadstool. Alas, it’s as poisonous as it is pretty.

Fly agaric

This particular toadstool looks more like a New Year’s decoration, but it’s 100% real.

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