Mixed links about e-books, science fiction romance and the Hugos

This weekend has been somewhat quiet on the Internet with most of Europe groaning under a massive heatwave, the US celebrating the 4th of July and several cons going on around the globe.

What is more, I decided to give Dean Wesley Smith’s July Short Story Challenge a try, which resulted in a lot of writing and five short stories written in as many days (more on that in a different post later), but was also rather exhausting, especially given the less than ideal weather.

Nonetheless, I have a couple of links to share and things to announce:

First of all, I have a guest column in Issue 7 of SciFi Romance Quarterly, which you can download here or read online here. The issue is also chock-full of reviews, information about new SF romance releases, articles and fiction. And best of all, it’s free. So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!

BTW, after downloading the issue via Dropbox I had to doublecheck that I had only shared the many photos of cranes that I was supposed to share with a business partner of my Dad’s and not the issue as well, since I doubt that crane companies care about SF Romance, though you never know.

The subject of my column is “Science Fiction Romance and the Hugo Awards” BTW. But before the groaning starts, there’s very little about puppies in the article (beyond a brief “If you’re just joining us…” summary) and a whole lot about great books blending science fiction and romance that either were nominated for awards or should have been.

While on the subject of the Hugo Awards, Hugo voting is still open and the debate is still going on, though it has gotten a bit quieter of late. I still faithfully follow Mike Glyer’s round-ups at File 770 though and that’s how I came across this great post by Malcolm Cross in which he points out that SFF has never really been unpolitical, not even during that mythical golden age that the various spokespuppies are so fond of extolling. Coincidentally, Malcolm Cross also points out that the fact that women, people of colour and LGBT people also get a voice in SFF these days doesn’t mean that the perspectives of straight white men have no value or that straight white men have nothing of interest to say, because – guess what? – the prevailing image of masculinity hurts straight white men as well.

In other news, Pegasus Pulp celebrated its fourth anniversary two days ago and I took the opportunity to delve a bit into sales metrics and wrote a lengthy post full of statistics neepery over at the Pegasus Pulp blog.

While on the subjects of e-books, the good people at Smashwords will be running their annual summer sale until July 31 and several of my books are participating. So if you have been eager to get some of my higher priced books at a lower price, here is your chance. For example, you can get Mercy Mission, first in the Shattered Empire series, at 75% off if you use the code SSW75 at the check-out. Or you can get Countdown to Death, first in the Silencer series, for 50% off, if you use the code SSW50 at the checkout.

For more promotions, the good people at the e-book subscription service Oyster now offer three months of unlimited reading for only 99 US-cents. Among the many other great books available at Oyster, you can also read all of my books there for free and I still get paid.

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