Cora does a podcast interview and other mixed updates

First of all, I’ve been interviewed by Señor Rolando for the podcast Büchergefahr (book danger) and talk a bit about writing, indie publishing and pulp fiction.

You can listen to the podcast here. Alas, it’s only in German.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s edition of the monthly translators’ meet-up was derailed, because our usual venue had not just messed up our reservation, it was also packed to the rafters with people looking to watch the Werder Bremen versus Arminia Bielefeld match in the round of the final 16 in the German cup. A match which Werder Bremen promptly lost 1:3 BTW and to Arminia Bielefeld at that.

The landlord of our usual venue expressed his regrets at the messed up reservation. He phoned around on our behalf and found a bar in a nearby side street that had enough empty seats for all of us (there were eight of us). So of we went to what turned out to be a gay bar with a really nice selection of cocktails. I flirted with a Planter’s Punch (which I really like in spite of the colonialist associations of the name), but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea on top of red wine, so I stuck with the wine.

The bar offered food as well, though the selection was limited to Flammkuchen, nachos and hot soup, which was a problem for the one gluten allergic in our group. I had the Flammkuchen BTW. Quite nice and filling, but then I like Flammkuchen.

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  1. sherwood smith says:

    Thanks for that podcast link!

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