Photos: Magical Light in the Westermark Woods

The Westermark woods near the town of Syke are my favourite local hiking spot and have been featured several times in these pages before.

Today was frosty and sunny, i.e. ideal hiking weather, so I drove out to the Westermark woods. I also took my camera along and managed to capture some truly magical light in the woods. So take a look:

Car woods

My car parked at the entrance of the Westermark woods near Syke, North Germany.


Light falling through the bare trees


Light falling through the forrest.


The stump of a freshly cut tree.

Hunter's seat

A hunter’s seat in the woods.

Hunter's seat

Another hunter’s seat


Light and shadows


More light and shadows.

Sun in the woods.

The sun shines through dense fir tree growth.

Dark woodland path

A rather dark path.

Fallen tree

A tree felled by a storm a few days before Christmas blocks the path.

Woodlands hut

Panorama with hut and sun.

Woodland edge

It’s the field at the center of Westermark forest.

Westermark henge

In winter, the light falls along a path directly onto the field at the center of the woods in a Stonehenge like phenomenon. Maybe we should call it Westermark henge.

Sunlit path

And here is the path in question.

Woodland path

A path at the edge of the woods.

Edge of the woods

The edge of the woods and the fields beyond.

Tree arrow

The treasure is here. Okay, so it really is just a sign sprayed onto the tree for the woodsmen.


Trees lit up by the sun.

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2 Responses to Photos: Magical Light in the Westermark Woods

  1. Love the shots. Looking at the hunting blinds I began to wonder when “hunting” went from being on foot and stalking your prey with a rifle to just sitting on one’s ass in a station above a bait feeder.

    Kind of sad, isn’t it? It certainly wasn’t this way when I was growing up.

    • Cora says:

      I remember seeing hunter’s stations very much like these from fairly early in my childhood on. And since I grew up in an area where hunting is common, I saw a lot of those seats. I don’t know when they were first introduced, but they were firmly entrenched by the 1970s/1980s. And yes, it is kind of sad.

      Glad you like the photos, BTW.

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