Cora takes part in an SF Signal Mind Meld

I’m busy putting the finishing touches on the next Helen Shepherd Mystery at the moment, so I’ve only got a signal boost to post today, because I’ve been asked to take part in an SF Signal Mind Meld about the best book openings in SFF.

You can see my answers as well as those of Beth Bernobich, Catherine Lundoff, Gillian Polack, Jennifer Brozek, Joe Sprunk, Fran Wilde, Jacey Bedford, Kaaron Warren, Maureen K. Speller, Evie Manieri, Tex Thompson, Jenn Brisset, Kathy F., Marissa Van Uden, Ilana C. Meyer, John C. Wright, Kay Kenyon, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Susan Voss, Rachel Cordasco and Sheila Williams (apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone) here, so check it out.

Lots of great and different suggestions there.

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