Christmas 2013

First of all, my short holiday romance Christmas Gifts is currently featured at the Short Story Symposium, so drop by to read an excerpt.

And just in case you’ve been wondering about the reading order of the Silencer series, wonder no more, because this post over at the Pegasus Pulp blog has all the answers.

Finally, I promised you Christmas photos and a Christmas update, so here they are:

Apart from some really stormy and wet weather raging outside, our Christmas was largely peaceful. We had pork curry for lunch on Christmas Day and coq au vin with Brussels sprouts for lunch on Boxing Day plus Christmas pudding and mincemeat tarts for coffee (and this time around, my Dad did not manage to incinerate them). My uncle visited us for lunch on Christmas Day and a neighbour of my parents dropped by for coffee one afternoon.

Unfortunately, I was tired for much of the holidays, since my body seemed to be fighting off a cold. Though I did manage to get some writing done and finished a short story as well as a novelette, so expect more new releases soon.

Talking of which, you may remember that I have a story in a charity anthology called Something for the Journey. Up to now, Something for the Journey was only available in e-book form, but now you can also purchase the anthology in paperback form at, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon India, Amazon Japan, Amazon Mexico and Amazon Brazil, so grab yourself a print copy. As mentioned before, all proceeds go to charity and benefit a children’s hospital in Bristol.

And now for some photos:

Christmas tree

This year’s Christmas tree was rather skinny, but otherwise pleasantly symetrical.

Lit Christmas tree

The Christmas tree fully lit, including beeswax candles.

Light effects

A votice candle holder of red glass casts interesting light effects. Note the glass nativity scene on the right as well as some angels on the left.

Christmas tree

My Dad with the Christmas tree in the background.

My Mom

My Mom looks on a tad skeptically.

Christmas day lunch

My Mom, my Dad and my uncle

Wrapped presents

Wrapped Christmas presents – my parents’

Wrapped presents

Wrapped Christmas presents – mine

Unwrapping presents

My Mom and me unwrapping presents.

Unwrapping presents

My Dad wonders whether he really needs another pair of jeans.

Unwrapping presents

Getting to the good stuff


Unwrapped presents – my Dad’s. The wooden box holds wine, the Christmassy tin chocolate.


Unwrapped presents – my Mom’s. We’ve got Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts, two J.D. Robb novels and the brand-new German edition of “Blue Moon Rising” by Simon R. Green, which was probably my favourite of all the books I read in 2013 (I missed it when it first came out in the early 1990s), so I was happy to find a German edition for my Mom.


Unwrapped presents – mine. Several books, including Jeff Vandermeer’s stunning “Wonderbook”, a calendar and some chocolate.

Wrapping paper

Christmas leftovers.


Christmas sure is hard work.

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