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If you’ve ever wanted to hug assorted members of the Stark family from Game of Thrones (and considering all the horrible things that happen to them, they could all certainly use a hug, particularly the younger kids), check out these cute crochet dolls of the Stark family and direwolves.

I made a lot of crochet toys as a teenager, from patterns at first and later from scratch. Dolls mostly, but also stuffed animals. I even made a crochet doll of Aida from the Verdi opera once. What can I say, I was weird.

Alas, I can’t find Aida right now. She’s probably still at my parents. And many of my other projects were presents for younger children in the family. However, I found these two slightly dusty survivors* of what was supposed to be a series of dolls modelling the fashions of the 20th century. I was nothing if not ambitious. These two dolls – 1920s girl and 1970s girl (at least I think she’s supposed to be 1970s girl judging by the hairstyle) – are all that exists, I never got around to making the remaining decades.

Crochet dolls

Two crochet fashion dolls I made more than twenty years ago. 1920s flapper on the left and 1970s girl is on the right.

I no longer crochet or quilt as much as I used to. I have no idea why not – though I suspect that writing has taken up most of the creative reserves of my brain that were once reserved for things like designing crochet toys. But seeing stuff like these Game of Thrones dolls or the Doctor Who dolls I saw a while back makes me want to get out my crochet hooks and give it a whirl. It’s been a while since I made crochet toys (not counting these crochet Christmas cookies I made two years ago). Nowadays, I mostly make scraves, hats or lace doilies.

Still, I should see if the discount outlet store where I buy most of my yarn has some skin-coloured yarn. European and Asian skin-coloured yarn or fabric is remarkably hard to find BTW (African is a little easier). Come on, yarn and fabric manufacturers. Think of the doll makers.

*I used cheap synthetic yarn back then, which attracts dust like nobody’s business.

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