A nasty aphthous ulcer and a neat link

I’m feeling out of sorts, because I’ve got a headache and a really nasty aphthous ulcer on the side of my tongue.

I get aphthous ulcers from time to time and usually I can manage them pretty well. This one, however, is not just inconveniently located but also extremely painful and makes eating or drinking difficult, because pretty much everything irritates the damn thing. It doesn’t respond to any of the usual remedies either, so all I can do is smear numbing gel on the thing, which gives me maybe twenty minutes of relief.

So instead of a longer post (because I’m really not in the mood), here is a neat link:

The Awl has a great article on romance novels, particularly vintage category romances, as well as the stigma still attached to romance readers and writers. Found via The Passive Voice.

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