Midweek Writing Links

I had a longer post planned, but school preparation work got in the way, so here’s a quickie linkdump instead:

Bloomberg has a neat interview with Margaret Atwood. I particularly like her answer when asked whether it’s possible to write SF without accounting for sex (in short, the answer is no). It reminds me of a really awful article I read several years ago at Futurismic, wherein the author seriously declared that once the singularity arrived, posthumans would no longer bother with such icky trivialities as sex. Uh, methinks someone has issues and it’s not Margaret Atwood.

Here is another very nice interview. This time, John Joseph Adams of Fantasy Magazine interview Charlaine Harris.

At Terrible Minds, Chuck Wendig offers 25 things writers should know about suspense.

Lynn Viehl at Paperback Writer has a great visual explanation about which elements to focus on in a scene.

I have a new post at the Pegasus Pulp blog, discussing my pretty dismal October sales and some observations about the German e-book market.

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2 Responses to Midweek Writing Links

  1. Ivona Poyntz says:

    Charlaine Harris is the only ‘vampire’ author I read. Good spot.

    • Cora says:

      I read quite a bit of vampire fiction for research purposes, but Charlaine Harris is one of the few authors I always look forward to.

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