A Quick Linkdump about Gender, Marriage and Smurfs

I have to get up early, because I have to take my Dad to the airport, so here’s just a quick linkdump:

The discussion on the invisibility of women in science fiction is still going strong with an SF Signal mindmeld, a post by Judith Tarr about how publishers pushed her work into fantasy, even though she was writing SF, a response by Daniel Abraham a.k.a. M.L.N. Hannover and two posts by Heather Massey pointing out that there are plenty of female writers writing SF/romance hybrids that they SFF community is unaware of and wondering whether the science fiction romance label doesn’t marginalize women, since the same books tend to get labeled as space opera, when written by a man, and science fiction romance, when written by a women. Which then promptly puts off male readers, because romance is a girl cooties genre.

At the Book View Café, Sherwood Smith wonders why there are so few believable married couples in the SFF genre.

I just came across Haunted Hearts, a blog dedicated to the vintage gothic romances of the 1960s and 1970s.

The English online edition of Der Spiegel has a longer article on the alleged Stalinism, anti-semitism and racism behind the Smurfs.

And to prove that Der Spiegel hasn’t completely deteriorated, their online edition also has a charming graphic interview with Shaun Tan.

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