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It’s definitely awards season, for the Bafta TV Awards nominations for the best British TV programs have been announced as well. The full list of nominees is here.

I’m pleased to see my current favourite TV show, Misfits, getting a nomination as best drama series as well as two well deserved acting nominations for Robert Sheehan (Nathan) and Lauren Socha (Kelly). Though I’d argue that Iwan Rheon, who plays Simon, would have been as deserving of a nomination. Besides, Robert Sheehan benefits from all the hilarious dialogue Nathan gets to say (though Robert Sheehan does a wonderful job of showing glimpses of Nathan’s vulnerability underneath the attitude, rude jokes and obnoxious behaviour), while Iwan Rheon has to act solely with his face and eyes much of the time, since Simon doesn’t talk very much. Besides, Simon undergoes the biggest development over the course of the series, from painfully shy and geeky kid to basically Batman. But then, what is remarkable about Misfits is that all five leads (and many of the guest stars, too) are incredibly actors. I should really do a post about the many ways in which Misfits is wonderful some time.

The BBC’s contemporary set Sherlock series also gets a nomination as best drama series as well as for both lead actors. Again, a very well deserved nomination, because I enjoyed Sherlock a whole lot. Matt Smith is nominated for an acting award for Doctor Who, apparently the first Doctor Who star ever to be nominated for an acting Bafta. I haven’t seen more than a few clips of his performance as the Doctor, so I can’t really comment.

Downton Abbey, the drama about Edwardian aristocrats which everybody but me seems to adore (I described my issues with Downton Abbey here and here) was unsurprisingly also nominated as best drama series as well as for an acting award for Brendan Coyle (whom I have liked in other things). The final nominee in the best drama series category is Being Human, which I find somewhat surprising, because the third series started out underwhelming and gradually descended into complete and utter crap. I can’t really comment on the one-off dramas and mini-series, because I have seen hardly any of them (except Mad Dogs and that was solely because of all the acting talent assembled there).


On to the writing links:

Chuck Wendig has two great writing posts: 25 things every writer should know and stupid writer tricks. Found via Lilith Saintcrow.

Tiffany Reisz has some tips for writing good sex scenes at Janice Hardy’s blog.


I also have a couple of indie publishing links:

Steve Hockensmith, who wrote two of those Jane Austen mash-ups and a bunch of westerns and historical mysteries, offers some not entirely serious advice on indie publishing.

Writer and indie publisher J. Steven York writes a somewhat more serious response to Steve Hockensmith.

Dean Wesley Smith offers some calculations regarding sales and profits for indie authors. Very interesting reading.

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