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Retro Review: “Exile” by Edmond Hamilton

Now that we’re waiting for the finalists for the 1945 Retro Hugos to be announced, let’s take the time to look at some of the finalists for previous years of Retro Hugos. I’ll start off with “Exile”, a science fantasy … Continue reading

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Cozy Space Opera, Cozy Mysteries and the Domestic Sphere

At Strange Horizons, Joyce Chng hosts a round-table about domestic space opera, featuring Ann Leckie, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Judith Tarr and Foz Meadows. It’s a great discussion and I urge everyone to read it. Now domestic space opera is a … Continue reading

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In Defence of Wallpaper Science Fiction

A few days ago, Paul Weimer pointed me on Twitter to this post by Charles Stross in which Stross laments the current state of the science fiction genre, because a lot of SF writers these days focus more on plot, … Continue reading

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How to dispose of German politicians, the craziest football match of the year and some writing and genre links

This is how we dispose of politicians in Lower Saxony: David McAllister, minister president of Lower Saxony (in case anybody is wondering about the name, McAllister’s parents are Scottish), and much of his cabinet went for a ride in a … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding, speculative noir and a public service announcement

If you’re a self-publisher, please consider taking part in the Taleist 2012 self-publishing survey. For more information, visit the Taleist or David Gaughran’s blog. Julie Ann Dawson of Bards and Sages has a great post on worldbuilding and plausibility in … Continue reading

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How SFnal is Spy Fiction?

The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin has a very insightful post about the connection between science fiction (and urban fantasy for that matter) and classic spy fiction, which draws on Darko Suvin‘s theory of cognitive estrangement, as outlined in Metamorphoses … Continue reading

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