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Return of the Son of the Bride of the Grimdark Debate

In the early days of this relaunched blog, I wrote several times about the debate about grimdark fantasy, then one of the hottest subgenres on the market, which also attracted its share of criticism both from the left for its … Continue reading

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Cora’s Adventures at the Virtual 2021 Octocon

As I mentioned on this blog some time ago, I spent the first October weekend at Octocon, the Irish National Science Fiction Convention, which was virtual this year for obvious reasons. But before I get to my adventures at Octocon, … Continue reading

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Pre-Christmas Update

I’m at my parents’ at the moment and have been since the weekend. On Sunday evening, I decorated the Christmas tree, which isn’t all that pleasant, since I am mildly allergic to fir trees, which means that decorating the Christmas … Continue reading

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Wulff news and some miscellanous links

Remember Christian Wulff, former German president who was forced to resign last year after a very underwhelming scandal involving an unremarkable house in a suburb of Hannover, a free Skoda and holidays on the island of Sylt paid for by … Continue reading

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The Hobbit – Reenacted by Christmas Tree Ornaments

Like most everybody else in the geekosphere, my mind was very much on The Hobbit during this recent holiday season. And while decorating the Christmas tree (photos of the result are here), I noticed that we had a whole lot … Continue reading

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