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Gone Girl, femme fatales and fear of women

Last week, I thought I was the only person in the world who found the success of Gone Girl, both as a novel and a film, troubling. But it seems I’m not the only person who dislikes Gone Girl after … Continue reading

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“It’s really cold for spring” Linkdump

Well, it’s true. Because temperatures of six degrees below freezing really aren’t normal for March. Plus, we haven’t had any rain in weeks now. Anyway, here are some links: First of all, there’s yet another entry in the Grimdark debate, … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Crime Genre

The Independent has a nice article about how crime fiction has moved on from the days of the classic “whodunnit” mystery. The article begins by listing Ronald Knox‘s* ten rules for detective fiction from 1929. Now those rules were already … Continue reading

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Oscars 2012 and America’s Nostalgia Obsession

Last week, the nominations for the 2012 Academy Awards were announced. The German media mainly focused on the fact that Wim Wenders has been nominated in the documentary category for Pina, his 3D documentary about the life and work of … Continue reading

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The dominance of US storytelling modes, the implications for international writers and other links

I’m surprisingly wordy today, even though I seem to have caught some kind of bug. Because after the lengthy harassment post, here are some other links too good to pass up: Send to Kindle

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Brenda Starr, Stieg Larsson and some Housekeeping

Today, I took down the Christmas tree and the rest of the holiday decorations. Epiphany Day, i.e. January 6th, is the traditional deadline for getting rid of holiday decorations in my area (though in some regions, e.g. in part of … Continue reading

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Literary versus Genre Fiction, Round 315

Some bloke named Edward Docx (Honestly? He’s named after a Microsoft file format?) bashes genre fiction, all genre fiction, in the Observer, because he’s caught a few glimpses of Dan Brown’s and Stieg Larsson’s work and – oh shock and … Continue reading

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