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A Visitor Spike

This blog has been experiencing an influx of new visitors and a spike of hits of late. Mostly this is due to people looking for my Game of Thrones related posts. Even more amazingly, my latest post on the ABC … Continue reading

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2011 – A Stats Oddity

I saw my stats go up sharply yesterday and in addition to the daily traffic of Middle Eastern people googling for “Tarzan sex” (I honestly wonder what the cultural explanation behind people from the Middle East googling for “Tarzan sex” … Continue reading

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A Stats Oddity – and Cora is tired

I’m tired, so I only have a short post today. Expect one last photo post as well as a longer genre rant tomorrow. Meanwhile, my stats have shot up dramatically and the blog had 111 visitors yesterday. Not the best … Continue reading

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More plagiarism allegations and more epic fantasy debates – yes, it’s one of those days

Today was the last day of school, which means two weeks of Easter/spring holidays. In theory, the holidays only start on Friday, but my Wednesday class is currently doing work experience internships and Thursday is Future Day, which is the … Continue reading

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Search Term Weirdness

Somebody entered “cora winning the oscar” into a search engine and landed here. Not that I’d mind winning one, not at all, but I haven’t. The closest I’ve ever come to a major award was seeing a Bambi award in … Continue reading

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See the stats shoot up – Yet more on plagiarism, nihilist fantasy, thrillers and blogging

My website stats have really been exploding these past few days. Yesterday was the busiest day since the revamp/return of this blog in October 2010 with 103 visitors according to the WordPress stats plug-in. Most people seem to have come … Continue reading

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And now for that other controversial subject

The whole nihilist fantasy debate is still driving a lot of traffic to the site. Yesterday, I had 60 visitors, down from an all-time high of 85 the day before. Today, there have been already 17 visitors. Related to the … Continue reading

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More Plagiarism, More Nihilism, Some Romance and Some Metrics

There is a definite upside to blogging about hot potato subjects like I did in yesterday’s post. Because February 17th, 2011, was the busiest day since the relaunch of the site with 85 visitors altogether according to the WordPress Stats … Continue reading

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Machine Translation

While checking my stats, I noticed that the visits to my site had gone up sharply over the weekend and that several visitors had googled my full name. Now that could’ve been anyone, an old classmate, distant relative, estranged friend, … Continue reading

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Meandering Randomisity

Between translation work and school preparation, I don’t have the focus for a deep and meaningful post, so here is some random five-things type rambling instead. Except that I only have three things, not five. First of all, my stats … Continue reading

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