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Cora goes to WorldCon 77 in Dublin, Ireland, and TitanCon in Belfast, Northern Ireland

This week, I’m off to Ireland for WorldCon 77 in Dublin and TitanCon, the 2019 EuroCon in Belfast the weekend after. I’ll be leaving early on Tuesday morning and am really looking forward to the experience. I’m particularly excited to … Continue reading

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Mixed updates and more on hard SF and messy emotions

First of all, I’ve been interviewed by British crime fiction writer J.T. Baptiste for the 12 days of crime series on her blog. We talk about writing, reading, favourite characters, Edgar Wallace movies and Dr. Mabuse, who is one of … Continue reading

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Bloody Valentine Sale at DriveThruFiction

The good folks over at DriveThruFiction are running a Bloody Valentine sale this weekend and offer 25% off e-books that fall under the “dark romance” umbrella. Lots of good stories on offer, including a couple of mine. Send to Kindle

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Time Travel and Gender

Back in July, Anna Smith asked at The Guardian “Why can’t women time travel?” and laments that mainstream time travel movies almost always feature male protagonists. My initial reaction to that article was: But women do time travel. There are … Continue reading

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More Responses to Paul Cook

The uproar sparked by Paul Cook’s badly argued post at Amazing Stories is happily chugging along, so here are the latest reactions. First of all, Steve Davidson, editor of Amazing Stories, has issued an apology of sorts for shutting down … Continue reading

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“Get your girly stuff out of my SF, for SF should be sciency, manly and hard”

At Amazing Stories, Paul Cook rants about SF which is – at least in Paul Cook’s opinion – not SF. This includes such luminaries of the genre as Gene Wolfe (just Arthurian fantasy), Lois McMaster Bujold (romance – ick), Sharon … Continue reading

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Return of the Girl Cooties

To be exact, they never really went away, because the multiple discussions about sexism and racism in SFF and what to do about it are still going on, which deserves another link round-up. Mostly, this one involves posts of note … Continue reading

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Bride of the Girl Cooties

Oh my God, the girl cooties are not just polluting SFF with their sheer femaleness, now they’re lesbian as well! It’s the end of the universe as we know it, I’m telling you. Anyway, the overlapping discussions about science fiction … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Girl Cooties

At The Story Hub, Stuart Sharp offers his opinion about the increased popularity of science fiction romance. If you assume that he is worrying about romance writers somehow sullying the sacred halls of the SF genre, you got it in … Continue reading

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February Flurry Linkdump

Yes, it’s another linkdump today, because I’m not feeling all that great. I’ve got a nasty cluster of three aphthous ulcers on the inside of my upper lip. I have been struggling with aphthous ulcers since my teens and though … Continue reading

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