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Schrödinger’s Hugo Finalist – and Some Birthday Stuff

Hugo finalists are not exactly common in Germany (I think there are only three German Hugo finalists altogether and none of them live in North Germany). And so, I was interviewed/profiled by both local papers in my region last week. … Continue reading

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And Another Announcement: New Poem Published

Yes, as the title indicates, this is another announcement post. Well, I warned you there might be a few of those in the run-up to the holidays. This time, the announcement concerns an aspect of my writing that I don’t … Continue reading

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Photos: Heiligenrode and Spring Flowers

Due to several warm and sunny days in March, spring is currently in full bloom here in North Germany, so it’s time for some spring flower pictures. What is more, the long Easter weekend also caused massive traffic jams on … Continue reading

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Photos: Flowers and Sunsets… and Pirates!

Enough politics for today, let’s have some pretty photos. The mild and sunny weather of the past week has given nature a boost with spring flowers in full bloom all over. So here are some of them. These are all … Continue reading

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Photos: Springtime Crocuses

After a mild start to the winter with overeager trees blooming in December, the first two and a half months of 2016 got off to a cold start. Hence, there aren’t a whole lot of signs of the coming spring … Continue reading

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Matchday Linkdump

I actually did watch tonight’s Germany vs. Ghana World Cup match – the interesting part of it at any rate. I missed the first twenty minutes or so. Afterwards, I watched Fantasia, which just happened to be on TV tonight. … Continue reading

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Springtime Pretties

We are experiencing an extremely early spring this year (which is hell for people with hayfever), so here are two pretty springtime shots:

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Photos: Walle Cemetery in Bremen

Today, I had business in Walle, a working class and immigrant neighbourhood adjacent to the Bremen harbour. And since I was in the area already, I also took the opportunity to visit my grandmother’s grave at Walle cemetery as well … Continue reading

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Photos: Cuxhaven, Osten and the Elbe Marshlands

Today was Ascension Day a.k.a. Father’s Day, which is a public holiday in Germany. Ascension Day is traditionally a day for outings and day trips. The most notorious type of outing is the Father’s Day tour, where groups of men … Continue reading

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Springtime Views

The weather has been clear and warm these past few days, the garden is in full bloom, so here are some photos. Flowers mostly, but also a hot air balloon I captured from my window today.

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