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And the Iron Throne Goes to…

I already offered my take on the final season of Game of Thrones and a problem I haven’t seen acknowledged (in addition to plenty of problems with the final season and the show as a whole that have been acknowledged) … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery – Now with even more Shocking Twists (TM) and a Side Order of Fried Rubberhead

One of the many reasons I dislike Star Trek Discovery (for others, see here) is perhaps not entirely fair, since this is something entirely outside the control of anybody involved with the show. Because Star Trek Discovery premiered on the … Continue reading

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The Darth Vader Parenthood Award for Outstandingly Horrible Fictional Parents

Last week, I came across a Tor.com post by Emily Asher-Perrin, in which she claimed that we can safely say that Sarek of Vulcan is science fiction’s worst dad. Both the headline and the post left me baffled, for while … Continue reading

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Flowers in the Attic and some surprising parallels to Game of Thrones

Tonight I chanced to watch the 2014 adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ cult classic Flowers in the Attic, starring Ellen Burstyn, Heather Graham and Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper in Mad Men). I was actually surprised how negative many of the reviews … Continue reading

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The Great Westeros Wedding Massacre

So the axe came down on Game of Thrones last week. The much anticipated and feared Red Wedding happened. And a lot of people are bothered. Warning, spoilers behind the cut! Send to Kindle

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Dynasty and socially acceptable homophobia

An obscure satellite station has started rerunning Dynasty in a late night slot, one episode per night, and so I recently came across it. Now I haven’t watched Dynasty – and I always have to force myself not to refer … Continue reading

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