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First short story release of the new year: Demolition

As you can see, I haven’t been idle during the quiet period between the years and used the opportunity to write a new story or rather to revise an old short story, edit, format and publish it, because the original … Continue reading

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Problematic content in English textbooks used at German schools

In the course of the teacher training class I currently teach at the University of Vechta, we looked at English textbooks used at German schools. Now textbooks have gotten a lot better since my day, when we sometimes had books … Continue reading

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Posting from the University

Just testing whether I can post from the university, now my office computer is actually online (WiFi reception is crappy in my office). Anyway, I already had a class this morning and I have another this afternoon. For lunch, I … Continue reading

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e-Books International

British crime fiction writer David Hewson has not so enthusiastic view on e-books and indie publishing. What I consider most important among his observations is that e-readers have not nearly the market penetration in Europe that they (apparently) have in … Continue reading

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