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Mansplaining and Amazon Bashing at Klagenfurt – The Annual Bachmann Prize Post

This year’s Ingeborg Bachmann Prize was somewhat more low-key than usual, probably because everybody’s attention is engaged by the World Cup and it was a hot and tiring weekend in general. For more about the competition read this, this and … Continue reading

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Some Remarks on the 2013 Ingeborg Bachmann Prize

First of all, the good news. The Ingeborg Bachmann prize is safe (Warning: Really creepy commentary by Jörg Haider supporters at that link). Though some still worry about the role of cultural programming in Austrian public TV in general. What … Continue reading

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No place for literature on TV – Ingeborg Bachmann Prize under threat

I’ve blogged before about the Ingeborg Bachmann prize for German language literature and how fascinating I find the live readings of the competing texts as well as the jury commentary. Now the only reason that I can follow along with … Continue reading

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Point of view, the T-V distinction and the Ingeborg Bachmann prize

This is the post I had drafted and intended to post yesterday, before that Strunk and White business diverted my attention. It is long and full of technical details regarding linguistics, narrative perspective and contemporary German literature: The 2011 Ingeborg … Continue reading

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Spiked Tea

Two tales of family heirlooms, inheritances, tea and murder. Spiked Tea Matthew is getting tired of waiting for the cancer to finally claim his eccentric aunt Annemarie. So he decides to help nature take its course… by adding some morphine … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Günther Grass

Yesterday, German novelist, poet and artist Günther Grass died of a lung infection aged 87. His death caused an outpour of tributes and condolences from writers and politicians worldwide. Deutsche Welle and The Guardian have collected a few of them. … Continue reading

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Germany wins the cup, George R.R. Martin goes Swiss and the last bastion of masculinity falls

First of all, Germany won the 2014 World Cup tonight, making it Germany’s fourth win after 1954, 1974 and 1990. I watched the match with my Mom (my Dad has caught a cold and went to bed after the regular … Continue reading

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“Thanks, but I’m not flooded” and other links

In case anybody is worried whether I have been affected by the record breaking floods currently affecting Germany and much of central Europe (The Atlantic has a photo gallery here), I’m far from any potential flooding and safe, though some … Continue reading

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Appliance Trouble Linkdump

I haven’t been blogging for the past few days, because I had some appliance trouble at home that limited by internet time. This will take a few more days to resolve, so blogging should be light over the next week … Continue reading

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One Year Blog Anniversary

Or would that be bloggoversary? At any rate, today is the one year anniversary of the new blog. Well actually, it was yesterday, but I missed the date in all of the travel uproar. If anybody is wondering what … Continue reading

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