Two Links and a New Arrival

There will be more Fancast and Non-Fiction Spotlights in the next week, but for now I have a few things to share.

For starters, I have a new story out in the November issue of Swords and Sorcery Magazine. My story is called “Legacy of Steel” and as the title of the magazine implies, it’s a sword and sorcery tale in the most literal sense of the word, because it’s a story about a magical sword and its reluctant wielder. There are two other stories in this issue, “The Sun in Shadow” by Sandra Unerman and “You Stand Before the Black Tower” by Nathaniel Webb.

In other news, German writer, translator and fan Maike Claußnitzer gave The Christmas Collection a really nice review. The review is in German, but I’m sure Google Translate can help you out. And if you want to read the book itself, which has all of my holiday stories in one handy collection, you can find all the buy links here.

ETA: German sword and sorcery fan Peter Schmitt has reviewed issue 0 of New Edge Sword and Sorcery Magazine, in which I have an essay, on his blog Skalpell und Katzenklaue (German speaking fans will recognise the Fritz Leiber reference) and discusses the New Edge movement in general.

Finally, I had a new arrival today, namely the Masters of the Universe Masterverse Skelegod. Skelegod, for those who don’t know, is what Skeletor calls himself, once he gets hold of the Sword of Power and gains godlike powers in Masters of the Universe Revelation. Something similar happens in season 3 of the CGI He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series – Skeletor gains godlike powers, grows ram horns and even wings and grows to giant size and wants to remake the universe in his image before he is thwarted. And looking back at the 1987 Masters of the Universe live action movie, Skeletor becomes a god in that one as well.

Considering how often Skeletor becomes a god (he does it in the comics as well), there of course have been several figures made of Skeletor as a god. There is at least one movie Skelegod version, there are Skelegod two figures, including an oversized one, for the CGI series and there is a figure of the Revelation Skelegod. There is no Origins Skelegod so far, but since Skeletor also grows to a massive size, when he gains godlike powers, scale doesn’t matter as much here.

I’ve been on the lookout for a Skelegod for a while now, but wasn’t sure which version to get. The regular sized CGI Skelegod is too small, oddly enough, and looks puny next to the Origins figures and the movie version is very expensive, so it was down to the Revelation Skelegod or the oversized CGI Skelegod with wings. But then I found the Revelation Skelegod for half-price and snapped him up. Today, he was delivered and he looks great.

So let’s have some pictures:

Skelegod figure with Christmas lights

Skelegod with a halo of Christmas lights.

I also couldn’t resist letting Skelegod pose with my Hugo trophy:

Skelegod with 2022 Hugo Award trophy“I, Skelegod, Lord of Destruction and Supreme Evil in the Universe, claim this Hugo Award by the purity of havoc.”

As for what happens when I introduce Skelegod to the rest of my Masters of the Universe figures, well, keep tuned for updates.

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