Listen to Cora Talk About Foundation with Paul Levinson and Joel McKinnon

Yesterday, I was a guest on the Light On Light Through podcast, where I chatted with host Paul Levinson and Joel McKinnon of the excellent Seldon Crisis podcast about Foundation, both the TV series and the original books by Isaac Asimov.

All three of us encountered Foundation at the exact right age and became big fans of the books and of Isaac Asimov, so of course we’re geeking out about all sorts of obscure details such as how the murder in The Naked Sun was committed and Asimov’s skills as a mystery writer. We also discuss the Three Laws of Robotics, the portrayal of women or the lack thereof in Foundation and Asimov’s work in general, the eyes of Dr. Susan Calvin and much more. Paul even knew Asimov in person. And if you ever wondered what the connection between Isaac Asimov and former West German chancellor Helmut Schmidt is, well, that question is answered as well.

You can listen to the episode here. You can also watch on YouTube below.

Also, if you want to revisit the original stories or read them for the first time, but feel put off by Asimov’s prose, check out the Seldon Crisis podcast, where Joel not only discusses the original stories, but also does dramatic readings. He just finished “The Mule”, which is generally considered the high point of the series.

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