Two Podcast Appearances about Old and New SFF

In addition to the Fancast Spotlights, I also have two podcast appearances of my own to announce.

First of all, I was a guest on the Hugos There podcast, where I discussed the 2021 Hugo finalists for Best Novelette with Sarah Elkins, Olav Rokne of the Hugo Book Club Blog, Juan Sanmiguel, Ivor Watkins and host Seth Heasley.

You can listen here or watch the video on YouTube.

Moreover, I’m the special guest for episode 106 of the Appendix N Book Club podcast, where I discuss the Jirel of Joiry stories by C.L. Moore with hosts Jeff Goad and Ngo Vinh-Hoi.

C.L. Moore is not listed in the original Appendix N of the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Handbook, but we rectify that inexplicable oversight.

You can listen here.

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2 Responses to Two Podcast Appearances about Old and New SFF

  1. We might have to have you on Short Story Short Podcast sometime!

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