Commercial Break

You may have noticed that blogging has been light these past few weeks, but that is because I’m still doing the 2019 July Short Story Challenge, where the aim is to write a story per day during the month of July. You can follow my progress along live in this post, which is updated daily.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for free or cheap books (and who isn’t?), I also have a couple of giveaways and sales to announce:

A giveaway for Science Fiction and Fantasy Flavoured Romance is currently going on at StoryOrigins. You can get 27 SFF romance e-books for free, if you enter your e-mail address and sign up for the respective authors’ newsletters (don’t worry, you can always unsubscribe later). So if you want to try Bullet Holes for free, head on over there.

Furthermore, Smashwords is still having its annual summer sale, where you can get plenty of e-books at reduced prices, including several of mine.

The good folks at DriveThruFiction are holding their annual Christmas in July sale. Again, you can get lots of e-books at reduced prices, including several of mine.

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