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I’ve been planning to write a long blogpost about science fiction and originality, but I’ve been busy with writing, publishing, day job work, holiday related stuff, etc…, so I shelved that post for now. However, I have also been busy elsewhere on the web, so here are a couple of links:

For starters, I have a guest post up at File 770, a review of the anthology Terror at the Crossroads – Tales of Horror, Delusion, and the Unknown, edited by Emily Hockaday and Jackie Sherbow. As the title indicates, it’s a cross genre anthology, featuring stories that mix crime and mystery fiction with science fiction, fantasy and horror. I actually meant to post this before, but I forgot.

Furthermore, I’ve been interviewed for the Thrills and Mystery podcast by J. David Core. The direct link to the interview is here. And in case you’re wondering about the new release I’m talking about on the podcast, there’ll be a massive new release announcement in the next few days. At the moment, I’m just waiting for some of the slower retailers to get the books up.

Finally, the good folks at Magic Book Deals have organised a book fair for holiday and winter-themed books. Lots of holiday stories in different genres, including some of mine, all available for only 99 cents. For a full list of the books, go here.

Christmas Book Fair banner

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