Cora blogs elsewhere yet again…

Today, I’m over at Galactic Journey again, this time with a look at the state of East German and East European (well, Polish, since East Germany already had Stanislaw Lem translations at the time) science fiction back in 1963.

For those who don’t know, Galactic Journey is a fanzine that’s set 55 years in the past (and was rewarded by a Hugo nomination in the distant future of 2018), i.e. as far as Galactic Journey is concerned it’s August 1963, John F. Kennedy is still president of the US, Konrad Adenauer is still German chancellor and Philip K. Dick will win the Hugo Award for best novel for The Man in the High Castle in a few weeks time, while Jack Vance will win the best short fiction Hugo for “The Dragon Masters”, beating my personal favourite, Fritz Leiber’s supremely creepy “The Unholy Grail”, which by some coincidence I just reread and still found as excellent as I remembered.

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