Photos: More Magical Hoarfrost

The snow and frost that held most of Germany in its grip last week is gone by now, but before it left, it still gave us a beautiful morning with bright blue skies and hoarfrost covered branches.

Hoarfrost usually doesn’t last long and indeed it was gone by noon. However, I was able to take some photos beforehand. No special locations, just my weekly grocery haul.

Hoarfrost street

The view from my front door this morning.

Hoarfrost street

Every tree along the street is covered in hoarfrost.

Hoarfrost street

It’s the same in the other direction. Hoarfrost covered trees all along the street.

Hoarfrost tree

Hoarfrost covered trees.

Hoarfrost tree

Another hoarfrost covered tree.

Hoarfrost oak

Hoarfrost most typically forms on bare branches, but this oak tree next to my home, which doesn’t lose its leaves until spring, got frosted over as well.

Hoarfrost groots

The Groot colony that has taken root on Brinkum cemetery, got frosted as well.


A close-up look at some hoarfrost covered branches.

Hoarfrost trees

Hoarfrost covered trees, a parking lot and a long defunct Chinese restaurant in Brinkum-Nord.

Hoarfrost house

Hoarfrost covered trees surround this 1950s house in the Bremen neighbourhood of Kattenturm.

Wolfskuhlenweg Hoarfrost

Wolfskuhle (wolf pit) Park in Bremen-Kattenturm looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Hoarfrost branches

A look at some hoarfrost covered branches.

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