Photos: Snowy Winter Woods 2016

Last weekend, we had snow again, quickly followed by an extended period of frost. And since I had the time and inclination, I took the opportunity to go for a stroll through the snowy winter woods.

The woods in question are Westermark forest near Syke, which is a favourite hiking spot of mine and which has been featured in these pages before.

Of course, I took my camera as well and snapped some photos of frosted branches and snowy winter woods:

Snowy path

The main path through the Westermark woods in all its snow-covered glory. Note the big piles of timber along the side of the path.

Snowy timber

One of the timber piles viewed through the snowy woods.


A close-up look at one of the timber piles. The timber was stacked some three metres high here.

Forked path

A fork in the road.

Snowy path

A snow-covered woodland path.

Snowy field

The field that lies at the centre of Westermark forest in its full snow-covered glory.

Snowy field

A snow-covered field at the edge of the woods.

Snowy farm

The farmhouse at the edge of the woods.

Snowy bench

Because sometimes, you just need to write your name into the virgin snow covering a wooden bench.

Snowy branches

Snow-frosted branches seen close up.

Snowy branches

A bit of blue sky glimpsed through snow-frosted branches.

Snowy field

A snowy, wood-rimmed field between the villages of Nordwohlde and Fesenfeld.

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2 Responses to Photos: Snowy Winter Woods 2016

  1. Aderyn Wood says:

    Looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m sweltering in the heat here in Australia, and these pics were a nice escape – I’m a bit jealous 😉

    • Cora says:

      Glad you enjoyed the photos and they helped you cool down a bit.

      Considering it was minus nine degrees Celsius last night, I suspect some people here would be jealous of the Australian summer.

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