The rest of the Internet or at least the corner wherein I hang out seems to be away at Sasquan, the 73rd WorldCon in Spokane, Washington. Apparently, the convention center is engulfed in smoke from nearby wildfires and a few puppy shenangigans have been spotted, but I hope everybody is having fun anyway.

But for those who like me are staying at home, here is something fun I spotted by the side of the road today.

Now oversized human figures made from haybales are fairly common throughout Germany. Their purpose is normally advertising e.g. a local festival or just a farm that sells fresh eggs or potatoes. Haybale figures are usually dressed as farmer couples or brides and grooms, as these photos show. They normally don’t reference pop culture at all, probably because the sort of people who build haybale figures are not normally the geeky sort who’d dress them up as superheroes or Star Wars characters.

Hence I was amused to spot two pop culture inspired haybale figures advertising the Seckenhausen harvest festival by the roadside today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Straw-Minions:


Straw-Minions advertise the harvest festival of Seckenhausen in North Germany.

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4 Responses to Straw-Minions

  1. sherwood smith says:

    Heh! Those are pretty awesome.

  2. Bavarians are too boring to do stuff like this. Thanks for sharing ^^

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