A new release for the new year: Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café

I didn’t stay idle in the time between the years. Instead, I used the time to write and so I have a new release to announce already. Though the release is no longer quite so new. I published the story on Boxing Day and only had to wait for the slower vendors to catch up.

The background is that I find holiday stories a lot easier to write during the holiday season, when I’m actually in the holiday spirit, rather than in September or October, when you are supposed to write them in order to have them ready for a holiday season release. And as it was, I had an idea for a short and sweet lesbian holiday romance, while I was decorating the Christmas tree. So I thought, “I’ll start writing the story now, until I run out of inspiration, and then I’ve a headstart for next year.

However, I didn’t just start writing the story. I actually finished it on Christmas Day. Now I had a problem, because I found myself with a finished holiday romance at a point in time, when the holidays were almost over. So the question was: Publish the story now or wait almost an entire year?

I polled a few indie writer pals and they all said unanimously: “Don’t wait! Publish it now and get what sales you can.”

So I published Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café on Boxing Day. And it turned out that my writer pals had been right, because the story started selling almost immediately.

I know that traditional publishing wisdom insists that lesbian romance doesn’t sell. But in my experience, that’s wrong, because there is a small but hungry readership for lesbian romances and lesbian fiction in general out there. And that readership is seriously underserved because of the belief that lesbian romance doesn’t sell. At any rate, every lesbian story I’ve ever written has sold well.

So if you’re in the mood for a sweet holiday romance and not horified by the idea of two women holding hands, dancing or – gasp – even kissing, check out Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café.

Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl CaféAfter a massive row with her parents over intolerable relatives, Katie finds herself all alone for the holidays. So she heads for the one place in town where everyone is welcome on Christmas Eve, the legendary Purple Owl Café.

The Purple Owl Café has a chequered sixty-year history. These days it’s not just a place for good music and conversation, it also happens to be a lesbian bar.

Katie doesn’t mind, though so far her life was too busy for romance of any kind. But that’s about to change when Katie meets Jess at the Christmas Eve party at the Purple Owl Café…

For more information, visit the Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café page.

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