An Interview and Introducing the Speculative Fiction Showcase

I’ve been interviewed at the Speculative Fiction Showcase and talk about writing, food, movies, recycling and speculative fiction, of course.

This reminds that I haven’t actually talked about the Speculative Fiction Showcase yet. The Speculative Fiction Showcase is a group blog dedicated to all things indie speculative fiction, run by Heidi Garrett, Jessica Rydill and myself.

The Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month round-up will be crossposted there and I’ll also be posting a weekly round-up of speculative fiction links. We’ll also be having new release spotlights, posts on all sorts of speculative fiction related topics such as Jessica Rydill’s WorldCon report, guest posts like this one by British SF author Harry Manners about writing post-apocalyptic fiction and author interviews. If you want to be featured, drop us a line.

And since we needed a guinea pig for the author interviews, I ended up doing the first interview.

So check out the Speculative Fiction Showcase on a regular basis, cause we’ve got lots of good stuff planned.

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