New historical romance short available: Hanging Day

July 3rd (i.e. tomorrow) marks my three year indie publishing anniversary. I’ll do a more detailed post with some sales statistics over at the Pegasus Pulp site tomorrow, but for now I’ve got a new release to announce just in time for the anniversary.

Hanging Day marks a return to the “historical romance with a bite” (and some blood and guts) subgenre to which some of my most popular stories belong. This one has it all, a dashing highwayman, an innocent maiden in danger and the seedier side of 18th century London as a background.

I’ve also got several new sales channels, including plenty of Italian stores, to announce (read this post at the Pegasus Pulp blog or simply peruse the complete list of retailers). In the near future (i.e. going through editing, proofing and formatting now) there will also be a new Shattered Empire story as well as a new Silencer adventure.

But for now, travel back in time to Georgian London where public executions were popular entertainment:

Hanging Day
Hanging DayLondon, 1751: It’s hanging day at Tyburn and nine condemned criminals, six men and three women, are about to meet their end on the infamous triple tree. Among the crowd come to see them hang is Jack Blackstone, better known as Blackjack the highwayman.

But Jack has not come to Tyburn on this day merely to gawk at the spectacle of a public execution. For among those to be hanged today is Eliza Colson, Jack’s beloved, sentenced to death for a crime she did not commit.

Jack is going to save her from the gallows… or die trying.


For more information, visit the Hanging Day page.

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