R.I.P. Jay Lake

Speculative fiction writer Jay Lake passed away today after a long battle with cancer. Here are tributes from Ruth Nestvold, Charlie Jane Anders at iO9 and Tor.com. SF Signal has also compiled a round-up of rememberances and tributes.

Unlike most of the others who posted their tributes today, I only knew Jay online and never met him in person. I found his blog years ago, when someone linked to a post he’d written about writing a short story per week. That post, which is actually more of an essay, is still online in PDF form BTW and the advice is still as good as it was back in 2003. That essay made a lot of sense, so I started reading Jay’s blog and later also his fiction. We occasionally communicated in the comment section of his blog. I also know he was a regular reader of this site.

Jay’s frank blogging about his cancer experience has been extremely helpful both to other cancer patients and those who care for them. I certainly know it has been helpful to me.

Like many others said in their rememberances of Jay, it was clear that this day would eventually come, but we all hoped it wouldn’t be quite so soon.

So rest in peace, Jay, and a hearty “Fuck cancer”!

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