New Silencer story available: The Great Fraud

Richard Blakemore a.k.a. the Silencer, pulp writer by day and crimefighter by night, is back.

His latest adventure is entitled The Great Fraud and was inspired by the weird ads for X-ray specs, sea-monkeys, amazing muscles in only seven days and other products of highly questionable value that used to be found in the backpages of comic books (probably still are, though I haven’t read them in ages). Here is a really fascinating article about the man behind many of those products BTW.

Those ads always stunned me, first of all because I couldn’t imagine anybody falling for products that obviously couldn’t work as advertised, and secondly because of the incongruence of false advertising for problematic products found in the pages of superhero comics whose heroes held very strong moral codes. Sometimes I wondered how a superhero would feel to find such ads in a comic book dedicated to his or her exploits? Most likely they wouldn’t be pleased. And they’d probably decide to do something about it.

So I created Charles William Finchley, fictional marketer of novelty products of questionable value, and sicced the Silencer on him. The result is The Great Fraud.

The Great Fraud is a bit of a departure for the Silencer series. First of all, Charles William Finchley is hardly a world-threatening menace like the rest of the Silencer’s rogues gallery. Secondly, The Great Fraud is the only Silencer story to date without a POV scene for the Silencer. Instead, we see the Silencer through the eyes of someone who finds himself at the receiving end of the Silencer’s brand of justice.

So here is The Great Fraud:

The Great Fraud by Cora Buhlert Charles William Finchley made his fortune selling novelty products of questionable value via ads in the backpages of pulp magazines.

Finchley is well on his way to becoming a millionaire, until his unscrupulous business practices put him in the crosshairs of the Silencer, a pulp hero come to life to fight crime in the streets of Depression era New York.

And the Silencer is not at all pleased that Finchley uses the crimefighter’s good name to peddle worthless junk…


For more information, visit the The Great Fraud page.
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