Look what the mailman bought

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve got a story in a charity anthology called Something for the Journey, edited by Stella Wilkinson.

Now of course I already have an e-book version of the anthology, but I wanted a physical edition as well, so I ordered the paperback along with some German language books for my Mom’s birthday.

And today, the package arrived. That is, the package had actually arrived yesterday, but since I wasn’t in, the mailman left it with my neighbours. The neighbours’ son saw the Amazon package and immediately ripped it open, since he was waiting for an Amazon shipment himself. However, once he opened the package, he was mightily confused and only then did he check the address label and noticed that the package wasn’t intended for him at all. His Mom apologized profusely, while I made a quip about whether he didn’t want to keep the German Harry Dresden edition for himself, since the neighbours’ son is a fantasy fan, albeit more into epic fantasy of the blokes in cloaks type.

In addition to a bunch of German language books for my Mom, the package also contained a brand-new paperback edition of Something for the Journey, so I did what one does when getting a copy of an anthology in which one has a story. I took photos. Or rather, I tried to get my Mom to take photos – after I had packed away the birthday books, of course.

Unfortunately, my Mom hasn’t exactly been blessed by the muse of photography. She has problems taking photos with a digital camera or indeed any camera that is not the leather-cased monstrosity from the 1960s we had when I was a kid. In fact, my Mom still laments that she wants the old camera back, because it was the only one that worked properly. “Mom, they don’t even make films for that camera anymore”, I told her.

So here are the best of several attempts my Mom made:

Something for the Journey with author

The author holding the book and looking rather silly. At least, I have a head in this photo and it’s not blurred.

Something for the Journey with author

Me again, with book and head. Of course, I’m so far away that you cannot make out the cover.

By this point, I was getting rather frustrated, so I told my Mom to sit down and hold up the book instead.

Something for the Journey

“Something for the Journey” held by the mother of one of the authors

Finally, I simply put the book on the table to get at least one decent shot.

Something for the Journey

“Something for the Journey” on a quilt.

Intrigued yet? Something for a Journey is a short fiction anthology edited by Stella Wilkinson and you can buy the e-book for the low price of 2.99 USD or equivalent at at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon Brazil, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Mexico, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

And the best thing is: All proceeds go to Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, a charity to benefit a children’s hospital in Bristol.

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