New apocalyptic SF story available: The Iron Border

I did another eight-hour e-book challenge the last weekend in January and here is the result, a somewhat gloomy end of the world tale called The Iron Border.

There is some more information about the process of writing The Iron Border over at the Pegasus Pulp blog. And in case you’re wondering why I waited until now to announce a story that went live more than a week ago, I wanted to wait until the story was available at all major stores and particularly Apple tends to be slow. What is more, I’m trying to space out the promotional posts and there have been a few of late.

So here is The Iron Border, a tale of privilege, despair and the end of the world:

The Iron Border by Cora Buhlert Ana has lived in the shadow of death all her life. For when she was six years old, a TV broadcast announced that an asteroid would hit the Earth twenty-two years later, extinguishing all life as we know it.
As Ana grew up, she put her faith in the worldwide lottery supposed to select the chosen ten thousand, the survivors of humanity who would escape the doomed planet in giant space arks.
But the lottery is not as fair and unbiased as Ana has been led to believe. And even her best efforts to turn herself into someone who would be useful aboard the great space arks do not bring Ana any closer to the gleaming shuttles that are being constructed behind the iron border only a few miles away…

For more information, visit the dedicated The Iron Border page.

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