UFOs over Bremen and cocaine at the supermarket: This day in WTF? news

The first full January week of 2014 seems to be shaping up into a period for WTF? news items.

For starters, Bremen experienced an UFO incident on Monday evening, when a flying mystery object was spotted by the air traffic controllers at Bremen airport as well as by a police helicopter. A Lufthansa flight from Munich was diverted to Hannover, another Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt/Main was cancelled and the landing of an Air France flight from Paris was delayed, all because of the UFO.

Of course, speculations are running high. The most likely suspects are some kind of drone, a balloon, an ultralight aircraft or even a helicopter, though this article from the normally respectable (for a Springer paper) Welt mentions aliens, though the bulk of the article claims it was a radar disturbance.

The police is investigating the incident as a “dangerous disturbance of the air traffic”, though the spokewoman of the Bremen police said half-jokingly on TV that “if it was aliens, they will be difficult to prosecute.”

BTW, my first reaction to the news was, “Crap! Finally, there is an UFO sighting in Bremen and I miss it.” Because as a teenager I was rather UFO obsessed and always hoped to see a UFO one day.

Though I may still get my chance, for yesterday’s incident wasn’t the only UFO sighting in Germany this year. Because on Sunday, another UFO was spotted in the East German village of Neumarkt near the town of Zwickau and that one even landed. Alas, when the police investigated the landing site, they only found a model Zeppelin, which had escaped its owner and landed when it ran out of fuel.


People throughout Europe as well as in the US and Australia have come to associate the discount supermarket chain Aldi with low prices, good quality and special offers on pretty much every product under the sun.

However, on Tuesday a few Aldi stores in Berlin and Brandenburg had a very special offer, because banana crates delivered to the stores were found to contain 140 kilograms of cocaine. Luckily, Aldi employees found the cocaine and notified the police before the bananas could reach the public.

The police is investigating and was able to trace the banana crates to the port of Hamburg and beyond that to Columbia. Most likely, there was a mix-up and somewhere, the world’s least competent drug smuggler just found himself stuck with a bunch of banana crates and is wondering how the hell to explain losing 140 kilograms of cocaine to his bosses. As the Berlin police spokesman said with barely disguised glee, “Someone has got a big problem now.”

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